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Newburyport Massachusetts Bucket List: 100 Ways to Have a Real Newburyport Experience by Chris Johnston , Sheila Bridgland and Jessamyn Anderson


What is it about Newburyport that makes it such a special town to live in and visit? Is it the unique brick architecture dating back to the 1600's? The quaint downtown? Picturesque beaches? Or is it a combination of all the little things that make up this quintessential New England town? You're invited to take a trek through the Newburyport Bucket List and explore the hidden gems of this wonderful town. Written by locals, this book is the perfect unsolicited guide for locals to step out of their comfort zone, for visitors to see something new on your next visit and for everybody to check off 100 things to see and do in Newburyport, MA.


Published April 25th, 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.     It is in paperback form and is listed as


·         ISBN-10: 1484129318

·         ISBN-13: 978-1484129319

Essex Coastal Byway Guide: History, Culture & Nature on the North Shore by Joel Brown


The Essex Coastal Byway links thirteen Massachusetts cities and towns on the Atlantic Ocean, from Salem to Gloucester to Newburyport. Veteran North Shore journalist Joel Brown gives you an insider's tour of the historic homes and busy harbors, rocky shores and cultural treasures of this unique region.


Published in October 2012, Joel Brown has been a correspondent for the Boston Globe since 2005, while writing for many other publications and websites. Previously, he was a reporter or editor for the Boston Herald, the Daily Southtown, Electronic Media and the Recorder. He has also published two mysteries about a place called Libertyport, "Mirror Ball Man" and "Mermaid Blues," with a third due in 2013. He is a Massachusetts native, a lifelong Red Sox fan, and a resident of Newburyport since 1998.

"Newburyport and the Civil War"

by William Hallett (History Press, 2012)


Newburyport did not host any battles during the Civil War, but its impact on the mid-nineteenth century confrontation was vast. Conflict before the war arose as antebellum Newburyport did not like abolitionists, including the Port’s own William Lloyd Garrison. Read about the first troops to answer President Lincoln’s call for volunteers and the hero, Albert W. Bartlett. Soldiers served in almost every action, our shipyards built ships for the Navy’s need, and the citizens did their part. Add to these stories two sons of the Clipper City who served the Rebels – one as a general! These stories and more illustrate Newburyport and the Civil War.

Tiptoe Through the Tombstones, Oak Hill Cemetery, Volume I

by Ghlee

 E. Woodworth


Guidebook to over eighty buried at Oak Hill Cemetery since 1842. The cemetery was part of the rural garden cemetery movement in which grave sites became parks.      This tour guide book is for old cemetery enthusiasts, children and families, and people who have a passion for New England History.   Visit the gravesites and read about Newburyport sea captains and merchants, architects and photographers, writers and poets, silversmiths and newspaper editors, and adventurers who travelled to the Klondike gold rush.


Gardens of the New Republic:
Fashioning the Gardens of Newburyport

by Lucinda Brockway

Featuring the landscapes of the famous High Street National By-way in Newburyport, Massachusetts.


Protecting America's Historic Neighborhoods: Taming the Teardown Trend

by Adrian Scott Fine

Advice for communities facing the teardown trend, the practice of demolishing historic homes to make way for dramatically larger ones on the same site.


New Rooms for Old Houses: Beautiful Additions for the Traditional Home (Nat Trust for Historic Preserv)

by Frank Shirley

Architect Frank Shirley shows homeowners how to enlarge an older home without sacrificing the charm and character of the original structure.


The Salem Handbook

by Prepared by Anderson Notter Associates, Inc.

A Renovation Guide for Homeowners in a Local Historic District.


The Architect, or Practical House Carpenter (1830)

by Asher Benjamin

Asher Benjamin: Father of Federalist & Greek Revival Architecture


Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 with CD-Rom

by MaryBeth Mudrick

Actual Patterns & Construction Techniques to Build & Restore Federal-style Buildings.


Documents, Legends, and Archaeology: Unraveling The Mysteries of Newburyport's Past

              by Elizabeth J. Harris

Fascinating archaeology on the elusive Watt's Cellar, Waterfront and the City of Newburyport.


Homebuilding and Woodworking in Colonial America (Illustrated Living History Series)

by C. Keith Wilbur

Tools and technology that the American Colonists use to build homes that could stand the test of time.


Get Your House Right: Architectural Elements to Use & Avoid

by Marianne Cusato

Architectural Elements to Use & Avoid


Newburyport : Stories from the Waterside (Town Memoirs)

by Liz Nelson

True Stories that capture the spirit of Newburyport


A Brief History of Old Newbury: From Settlement to Separation

by Bethany Groff

An excellent description of the Greater Newburyport Area and the City.


The American-Built Clipper Ship, 1850-1856: Characteristics, Construction, and Details

by William L. Crothers

The Engineering Blueprints for creating a Clipper Ship


Port in Progress

              by John Macone

The Photograph Chronicling of the Restoration of Newburyport in the 60's & 70's.


The Architectural Heritage of the Merrimack

              by John Mead Howells

Early Houses & Gardens of Amesbury, Newburyport, Newbury, Georgetown & Haverhill.


Wallpaper in New England

              by Richard C. Nylander (Author), Elizabeth Redmond (Author), Penny J. Sander

Selections from the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities - Historic Wallpaper Designs from the 18th to 19th Centuries.


Better NOT Bigger

by Eben Fodor

Definitive Argument - Concentrate on improving quality of life in a community rather than pressing on toward growth for growth's sake. Excellent Lessons for Newburyport.


Patriots and Partisans (Patriots and Partisans: The Merchants of Newburyport 1764-1815)

              by by Benjamin W. Labaree

(Hardcover) Detailing the Strange Relationship of Merchants engaged in Revolutionary Activity such as Privateering.


Donald McKay and the Clipper Ships

by Mary Ellen Chase

Biography of Donald McKay and the Clipper Ships he spawned.


Tall Ships of Newburyport: The Montana, the Whittier, the Nearchus

by George W. Goodwin

Covering some of the more prominent ships that were built and sailed out of Newburyport.


Newburyport and the Merrimack

by Peter Randall

Pictures and Stories of Newburyport.


Greater Newburyport: A Photographic Portrait

by Editors of Twin Lights Publishers Inc.


Newburyport (MA) (Images of America) (Images of America)

by John Hardy Wright

Wonderful Pictures of what Newburyport was really like in the 19th Century.


The Framed Houses of Massachusetts Bay, 1625-1725

by Abbott Lowell Cummings

Highlights the importance of framed houses and the special treatment they require.


Painting Historic Exteriors: Color, Application & Regulation

by Sally Zimmerman & The Cambridge Historical Commission

Premier Color book done in cooperation between Historic New England and the Cambridge Historical Commission


Arrowhead Farm: 300 Years of New England Husbandry and Cooking

by Pauline Chase Harrell

Award-winning book on one of the oldest family farms in America.


Life in Newburyport 1900-1950

by Jean Foley Doyle

Four years in the making, Life in Newburyport 1900–1950 reveals the blood, sweat, and tears of its citizens, and the ultimate successes they achieved during the formidable years of the twentieth century. Reassembled through news accounts, city documents, and the memories of its people, Life in Newburyport is a gift to the city and to its future generations.



Life in Newburyport

by Jean Foley Doyle
2010 NEBF Honorable Mention Award-winner!

The years 1950-1985 were, in many ways, the most tumultuous years in Newburyport’s history. This follow-up to Life in Newburyport, Book I, chronicles the city’s struggle as it rises from its designation as a distressed area to achieve the role of a “model city.” Reassembled through accounts in the Daily News, city documents, pictures, and the memories of its people, Life in Newburyport, 1950-1985 is a gift to the city and to future generations. ­Included in these pages are:

Front and Center: The Legend of Bossy Gillis

             by Peter H Jacobs

Biographical study of one of Newburyport's most eccentric citizens