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Newburyport Clipper Ship Museum


This museum has compiled as much information as possible to understand the rather short lived but breathtaking rise of the Clipper Ship. The image of these magnificent vessels has forever been emblazoned into the psyche of the world's people and just about every nation has tried to have an official sailing vessel as grand as anything that Donald McKay could build.

Table of Contents

·       History of the Clipper Ship

·       Newburyport and the Clipper Ship

·       The Disputed Birthplace of the Clipper Ship

·       Biography of Donald McKay

·       The Real Power behind the Throne

·       The History of Individual Clipper Ships

·         The Shipyards of Amesbury and Newburyport

·    The Legacy of Newburyport’s Dreadnaught

·    Why Newburyport is called “Clipper City”

·   Resources & References