During the era of the clipper ships many of the most noted were.. built in Newburyport, including the " Racer," " Highflyer " and " Dreadnought."
The most famous of all these was the " Dreadnought," nicknamed " The Wild Boat of the Atlantic." She was built in 1853 by Currier and Townsend and
was of fourteen hundred and thirteen tons register and two hundred and ten feet in length, being owned by David Ogden and others of New York.* She
was commanded by Captain Samuel Samuels who is authority for the statement that she was never passed in anything over a four-knot breeze.  

This ship was employed largely as a packet between New York and Liver- pool, making some sixty to seventy passages across the Atlantic. Her best
run was to the eastward, February 27- March 12, 1859, in thirteen days, eight hours, being within seven hours of the fastest record of a sailing ship, made by the " Red Jacket " in 1854.* The " Dreadnought " has been credited with a much shorter passage but it is difficult to substantiate this claim and in his history of the ship contained in " From the Forecastle to the Cabin," Captain Samuels does not mention such a voyage but particularly refers to the above- mentioned run of thirteen days, eight hours.

After a short career the ** Dreadnought " was wrecked off Cape Horn in 1869.*

The Dreadnought Memorial in Newburyport