Local Papers of Record & News Sources






Newburyport Current

The local weekly paper.


The Newburyport Daily News

The local paper of record from building permits to zoning appeals for the Greater Newburyport Area.


The Town Common

Local paper for the many communities that surround Newburyport


The Port Planet

The purest form of a rumor-mill available! Delicious!


WNBP AM 1450

Local Radio Station serving Cape Ann, the Greater Newburyport Area and New Hampshire Coastline. It's "Live and Local"!


Portmedia Schedule for the week on Channels 9 & 10 Plus Bulletin (www.portmedia.org)



Blogs I Tend to Visit


Newburyport Today


Councilor Ari Herzog's Blog


Councilor Bob Cronin's Blog


Councilor Ed Cameron's Blog


Newburyport Blog


Newburyport Posts


John P Wells Blog (Wharf rat)


Newburyport Dems







Local Weather


Local Tidal Charts


International weather for Canada-Caribbean-Central America-Mexico-USA