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                                    Clipper Heritage Trail Introduction to Newburyport

Coastal Rail Trail System - Amesbury to Newburyport


Newburyport - It's a Lifestyle!

                                    Excavations at Coombs Wharf

                                    Home by Katarokkar


                                    The Cultural Alliance of the Lower Merrimack Valley (CALM Valley)


                                    Deborah Hamilton’s Excellent Introduction to Newburyport


                                    An Introduction to Newburyport


                                    Downtown Newburyport


                                    A Quick View of the Downtown


                                    Reel People – Fisherman of Plum Island (Trailer, $18.95 for DVD)


                         A Thorough Introduction to the Parker River National Wildlife Preserve

              which includes Plum Island & the Great Marsh


.                                    An Introduction to Vernal Pools of the Common Pasture


The Coastal Rail Trails (Including Amesbury, Newbury & Salisbury)


Historical Videos:


Central Waterfront Historical Overview



A Biography of Caleb Cushing



A Human History of Plum Island



John Marquand – Fame & Mystery



Newburyport: A Measure of Change


John Lagoulis - Wharf Rat


Newbury to Newburyport – Farms to Factories


Bullfinch's Superior Court House




The Great Fire of 1811



Old Hill Burying Ground



Rediscovering Newburyport's Wharves


Newburyport - An Appreciation


Yankee Homecoming Videos:


                                    Old Fashioned Sunday – Yankee Homecoming 2010


                                    Bed Races – Yankee Homecoming 2010


Local Historic District:


LHD Study Committee before the Greater Newburyport Realtor Association

LHD Study Committee Regular Meeting - 12 January, 2012


LHD Study Committee Regular Meeting - 23 January, 2012

LHD Study Committee Regular Meeting - 9 February, 2012

LHD Study Committee Regular Meeting - 26 February, 2012


LHD Forum, City Hall Auditorium, March 19th, 2012


LHD Q & A, City Hall Auditorium, March 26th, 2012


LHD Study Committee Regular Meeting - April 12th, 2012


LHD Study Committee Regular Meeting - April 26th, 2012

Instructional Videos:



                                    Anatomy of a Restoration


                                    Masonry: Of Hearth and Home


                                    How to Preserve the Historic Character of Your House


                                    Preserving Your Historic Windows


                                    Architectural Styles of Newburyport


                                    Additional Homeowner Resources


Handling Historic Windows by Window Woman of New England

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