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These guidebooks & maps highlight attractions throughout not just Newburyport but in the Greater Newburyport Area which includes Amesbury, Newbury, Rowley, Salisbury, Seabrook and West Newbury.


Around Newburyport - 25 Reasons To Stay Another Day


Chamber of Commerce Internet Brochure


Newburyport Chamber of Commerce


The Newburyport Art Colony & the Newburyport VIP Card



The Newburyport Guide


Newburyport Master Travel Guide


Resort Maps of the Downtown, Newburyport & The Tannery


Cell Phone Walking Tour

21st Century Heritage Tourism! A mobile web site that works on the iphone and android.

It even works with regular cell phones with Internet connections. A Newburyport App!


Walking Tour Booklet

Newburyport Historic District House Plaques Listing

Newburyport Coast Guard City

A website to assist coast guard personnel that are serving at the Newburyport Merrimack River Station. Everything from local tourist guide, to housing and an introduction to the general services of the community.

Tour Books to Purchase - Presently only available at the Custom House Gift Shop or at one of the local bookstores:

Walk Newburyport Three Self-guided Residential Walking Tours

Dooryard & Shipyard Four Walking Tours of Newburyport

Tiptoe Through the Tombstones

Newburyport "Footsteps of Heroes" Civil War Tours

Rev. Whitefield & The Old South Tours

Taste of Newburyport Tours

INTRODUCING THE NEW ESSEX COASTAL SCENIC BYWAY that stretches from Lynn in the South to Newburyport in the North. If starting from the North, it begins at Atkinson Common and includes a side jaunt to Plum Island.